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Wobbly Steering

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by paul83c, 23 April 2013.

  1. paul83c

    paul83c Forum User

    Been driving sometime now with the steering wheel to the left have checked everything i can think of... had the tracking done a few times also.
    But lately ive done some long driving down the motorways and have notcied i cant drive with just one hand on the wheel as it pulls and kicks whatever way it wants.
    It will go like this...
    pull left
    twitch left
    kick right
    kick right
    twitch left
    and so on... not very severe but very noticable.

    Just wandering if it could be time to change the steering rack or what else could cause it.
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  3. Townaceclive

    Townaceclive Chairman

    Try changing the tyres around
  4. buffallobob

    buffallobob President

  5. buffallobob

    buffallobob President

  6. paul83c

    paul83c Forum User

    Tyres are looking good although a little more worn on the outside on NSF... will swap the fronts to the back and see any change occurs.

    DRFVDR Forum User

    Cv joint seizing ?? will cause this as well

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