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Estima Manufactured Date

I have just bought a 1998 Estima Lucida Aeras petrol automatic Vin No.TCR101311253.

When I received the V5C document on the front page under heading 3. Special notes the DLVA have added


Is there any way I can verify which date is correct.

I havent a clue how to post a photo on this web site, its all double Dutch to me!

I will take some photos tomorrow and try to get help from my daughter to post.

Many thanks for your time.

Regards, Alan
working on that number ( i figured it out) it has a build date of 08/1993 unless it is an aeras type then it has a build date of 01/1998
the more numbers i can get the better the information is :)
That chassis number comes up with about 20 different vehicles ( they seem to batch chassis numbers to a range) this is in the TOYOTA NEW ZEALAND online parts ordering system.
it is an Aeras ( i just re read your post) that limits it 2 to models one with the 2.4 super charger built 01/1998 and one non supercharged built 08/1996 I hope this helps
If you can find me the model number ( looks like TCR10G-RRSVK ) then i can say which it is
Thanks for the quick reply. Forgive for seeming thick but where on the vehicle is the model number.

My bus is a 2.4 petrol automatic.

Regards, Alan
I would think the easiest place to get the VIN is from the V5 ..

Mine is a 1999 (T reg) narrow bodied .. normal 2.4 petrol (none supercharged).. petrol .. eight seater .. X limited .. sun / moon roof ..

Doesn't the year letter on the number plate relate to the year of manufacture? Mine does.

Obviously if they have made a mistake then it will also be wrong.

Are you saying you have been conned by the vendor?
Normally DVLA will give a car an age related index (number plate) for its stated year of manufacture or date of retail sale, but occasionally they decide to give it an index that is for the year of import. Why? :huh:
DVLA details should have been checked by the importer/first owner, they can be changed.
I remember someone getting a letter from Toyota to confirm year and month of manufacture to get it changed.
I think the year letter relates to the actual date of manufacture, rather than the date of sale ..

Some of this stems back to the days when cars where made .. then left 'stored' in fields for months before being shipped to dealers .. where they where once again 'in stock' until an actual sale .. so your 'brand new' car may actually have been a year or more old ..
That's what I meant by date of retail sale. On occasion a dealer may pre-register a car for accounting reasons well prior to being sold, but that's when the registration date starts from - at least in the UK. How other countries work it I couldn't say. Don't forget that the free UK tax discs for Historic Automobiles applies to cars first registered or manufactured before 1/1/1973. For foreign made grey imports the only reliable age-related record has to be the manufacturer's database of when it rolled off the production line.
Here in NZ, we dont have a year based number plate, when the car is first registered here it get the next plate in stock at the rego shop, BUT it is registered under the year that it was MANUFACTURED, also as we can change number plates easily you can have an old car with a very new plate,you can of course estimate the year of the plate by its letters but that may not give you an exact date of first rego :) I have a '56 Morris Minor with a mid 90's plate.
Also to add to it we have a very good personalised plate market here, where as you can get pretty much any letter/number combo upto 6 places to say what ever you like ( within reason) and these plates can go on anything and can stay with the OWNER not necessarily the vehicle. Case in point I have 2 Personalised Plates 1/ ANARKY which is currently on my 1986 Subaru Leone RX11 Coupe this is the 4th vehicle it has been on 2/ DRFVDR which I have just today transferred from my 1991 Toyota Landcruiser to my new to me 2005 Toyota Hilux Sr5 :)
In the UK you can buy a 'personal' number plate .. but it can not make the vehicle appear newer ..

For example .. you could not put a number plate onto a 1999 car where the 'doner' car was originaly registered in 2009 ..
The registation plate for my bus gives UK registration as 1st August 1997 - 31st July 1998.

The date of first registration in the UK was 17th August 2003. How or where the DVLA got Declared Manufactured 1992 from I do not know.

Do any of you think this DVLA date in the Special notes should be challenged?
This should help. Shows VIN plate and manufacture date. I v got a similar problem in Spain. They want to charge import duty on the UK reg date not the manufacture date!!!

The number you were asking me for is TCR10-1311256 and is found on bulkhead and is the frame number.

Club member rhrinesp has put me on to this but his frame chart is for different models.

Regards, Alan