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Climate Control Panel Bulb Change.(Lcd Type)


The front cover is held in place by a series of clips & 2 screws on the back.The clips are a bit fragile so be careful. Gently prise the clips with a flat screwdriver upwards & push the white wedges downwards. sounds fiddly but it isn`t.



Then slide the front cover off so you expose the LCD.
NOTE. the buttons will fall off when you turn the unit over...

Again unclip the back cover from the LCD .3 clips one on each side (only one shown) & one in the middle

You can then slide the back cover off & get at the bulbs. This is post LED install

You can also split the unit in two by unplugging this ribbon cable...

Re fitting is the reversal of the above.....


Mike, thank you for the picture tutorial. Do you have the bulb wattages ? I'll get the bulbs first before I take mine ll apart. Tiggz had a picture of,what looked like green bulbs, yours look clear ?

Your the man



According to the Toyota parts disc the bigger bulb is 1.1v & the small one 0.8v .
I've removed the green rubber cap from the bulbs


Forum User
great write up Mike, and for the record, the analogue dials for the heater control is the same method of stripping the unit down, you unplug the unit then open it up and its on the boards!


I have bought bulbs from these people ( Auto Bulbs Direct ) before and I'd have thought I could get those that you and Tiggz have mentioned.

I've just pulled the web address as in this circumstance I can't find the bulb I want. But I have used them for other bulbs for my Estima.


Tiggz, I bought other bulbs for my vehicle and in hind site I should have checked first if the bulbs I wanted were available. They list a Previa for 2000 on W, but only one bulb for the dashboard, but it does'nt look like the right one.

I think I'll go down to my local motor factors that specialise in Japanese & European vehicles.

I notice you listed a part number, is that from a Toyota dealer ?

I reckon I will have to take that part of the dashboard apart anyway to take out the bulb and take it in for a match.



Forum User
The part number was for the big (wrong) bulb. and there not too expensive from toyota tbh. just a faff them finding it!

have to pull the heater vent shroud off first.......... I hate that bit!

Could always try your luck and take that picture with you, or I could give you the name of my local toyota main dealer, and yours could call them to find the part lol
According to the Toyota parts disc the bigger bulb is 1.1v & the small one 0.8v .
I've removed the green rubber cap from the bulbs

Do you mean taking the green covers off makes the switches glow blue?


Thanks for the manual E5tma !

Is the sensor for the automatic aircon in there too ? I want to clean it.

Thanks !

Think that's up on the dash. Small black dome type thing that looks like a cover for a fixing.


Forum User
that may be the sunlight strength meter on the dash there should be a wee sensor behind a grill somewhere as well


that may be the sunlight strength meter on the dash there should be a wee sensor behind a grill somewhere as well

Spot on.....

Thermistor, Cooler (Solar Sensor)
Thermistor, Cooler (Room Temp Sensor)
Thermistor,Cooler (Ambient Temp Sensor)
So the switches take the smaller bulb , and this is ...............T5 ???
and the lcd takes the larger bulbs, and these are ...................???? T8 ? T10 ?
And if I replace with leds, what are the part numbers of the replacements ?
Just a few questions, which I would probably like to know the answers to before I take the aircon panel apart.

That said, great tut !!!
Think I would stick with incandescent bulbs. Those blue leds look like they are giving out very localised light, ending up with a 'mottled' light/dark display.
the larger ones in mine are a t5 and smaller ones are a t4.

once taken out of the panel, the t4 bulbs dont seem to come out of their holders, pried them out and twisted, pulled, forced them. they just broke :( I wonder if the do come out some other way?

replacing with ebay stuff, they come with the holders called neo wedge or twist lock.
dao82, thank-you for the reply.
I have discovered the same so far , plus a bit more :
The three larger ones for the lcd are T5. The four smaller ones for the panel are T4.
BUT there are several versions of these T type twistlock bulbs and holders. After looking on google image (!) I think our T4's are T4.7 types, with one 'lug' bigger than the other.
I have tentatively ordered these :

Four T4, and four T5 ordered.
I figure that if the holders are significantly different, I can extract the led's and fit into the original holders.

Rearmost 'baggage area' light : 27mm festoon.
Ebay sell 27-28mm festoons, so have ordered :

I installed 60cm led striplights into the sidesteps when I removed them for rear speaker upgrade.
Now wish I had gone for 'warm white', and longer, maybe 1M. I got 60cm strips, which are blue/white.
So , decided to change the six rear cabin lights.
These are T10 push fits,
so have ordered :


to try and match the striplights.

Left to discover :

1) My bus has the optitron type dash ( backlit all the time with ignition ), but mine is orange.
It's quite easy on the eye and clear, but could be a bit brighter. Being the optitron dash, it is dimmable, but have checked this : already full bright.
Now that the aircon lcd and backlight are going to go blue, and my chinese double din selects blue for the switches backlight, was thinking to go blue on the dash.
I have no idea whether this is simply a bulb change on the optitron dash, but if so, will change to a deep blue led fit.

2) various other cabin lights, like ignition key barrel, ashtray, etc, will need removing and replacing at some point.

Will probably have to discover these part numbers and types the same way, when I have time.
I have a 04 model with optitron guages. a few days back I tried to inspect and if possible change the bulbs in the back of the instrument clusters expecting their to be bulbs. Open up and to my surprise no bulbs. they must be lit up from the inside by other means.
I am at a lost as to how they work,

let me know if yours goes the same way