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3C-TE wiring diagram

Discussion in 'Electrics' started by 3CTE, 1 July 2009.

  1. 3CTE

    3CTE Archived User

    I am transplanting a Yota 3C-TE (Lucida engine) into a VW Vanagon T3. I would really appreciate if someone could give engine wiring diagram for the 3C-TE engine.

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  3. 3CTE

    3CTE Archived User

    C'mon people!
  4. steve mmmph

    steve mmmph Forum User

  5. Bob3D

    Bob3D Vice Chairman

    I am sure you doubled the post up, as i answered you, or gave you a pointer on the first post

    http://www.estimaowners.com/community/f160/3c-te-wiring-diagram-16923/ http://www.estimaowners.com/community/public/style_emoticons//http://www.estimaowners.com/community/biggrin.gif:D:D
    So did I - and you replied to it!

    Not really good form to double post and then berate people because they only answer one of your posts!


  6. 3CTE

    3CTE Archived User

    well, cuz not everyone would check both, engine n electrics. Hence, double posts!
  7. Bob3D

    Bob3D Vice Chairman

  8. steve mmmph

    steve mmmph Forum User

    :eek:opsie::w00t2::yahoo: Witty, with knowledge as well
  9. 3CTE

    3CTE Archived User

  10. Coxy

    Coxy Club Member

    well, cuz not everyone would check both, engine n electrics. Hence, double posts!

    Could have sworn I saw a note there that said "Thanks guys, sorry for the hassle....."

  11. steve mmmph

    steve mmmph Forum User

    search didnt show jack!

    Well maybe Jack did not want to show you anything.... can't think why......???????? :sign20: