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Estima 4WD?

Discussion in 'New Estima Chat' started by cattanac, 23 July 2008.

  1. cattanac

    cattanac Archived User

    Hi there.I have a 2001 Estima 2.4 Limited and it has a switch that illuminates an incon which is the 4 wheels with the front 2 turned to one side. Can anyone tell me what this is or point me in the direction of a downloadable non-japanese owners manual?ThanksCC
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  3. E5TMA

    E5TMA Moderator

    don`t think there is a downloadable manual for these.. there was a "paper" manual available on e-bay a while back,also one forthe Hybrid P.S welcome to the madhouse..........
  4. E5TMA

    E5TMA Moderator

    I`ve just looked on the Toyota EPC disk & if it`s up by the mirror switch it`s 4WD control button
  5. Father Ted

    Father Ted Moderator

    I'd heard that ALL 4wd Estimas were permanent 4wd :w00t2:
  6. Eamon

    Eamon Forum User

    I'd heard that ALL 4wd Estimas were permanent 4wd :w00t2:
    Saw a switchable one on ebay when I was looking to buy in feb/mar..
  7. Father Ted

    Father Ted Moderator

    Oh b**ger!!!That's exactly what I was looking for when I bought this. I wanted a newer version of my 4wd Townace :w00t2::sofa:
  8. E5TMA

    E5TMA Moderator

  9. Father Ted

    Father Ted Moderator

    Oo. That's nice.Couldn't afford it though..or the tax :sofa:
  10. Eamon

    Eamon Forum User

  11. robdrinkwater

    robdrinkwater Forum User

    All the 2000 onwards Estimas ARE front wheel drive, with transverse engines up front, unlike the 90-2000 models, where you sit on the engine.

    SOME of the 2000 onwards models have switchable 4WD, whereby the rear wheels are added into the mix, with electronic 'Active Torque Control' which diverts power to whichever wheel(s) has best traction.

    We have the 3 litre model with 4WD & have to say the 4WD is excellent, especially in the wet, but being able to switch the rear weels off is useful and gives you back a couple of MPG, which is nice, bearing in mind the big V6 up front, every extra MPG is good.

    Hope this clears it up.

    Regards, Rob.
  12. cattanac

    cattanac Archived User

    Thanks all.

    Looking at the pics on the jap manual, it does look like switchable 4wd. That coupled with the auto soft close side doors makes it a nice car. I love it.
  13. Litespeed

    Litespeed Archived User

    Hi, new member here.

    We just got an Estima T G-spec (3L, V6, AT, 4WD). What does the AUTO button on the dash do with regard to the Active Torque Control?

    The button looks like this:

  14. Litespeed

    Litespeed Archived User

    I found someone at work who could translate the relevant passage from the manual.

    4WD Auto Mode Indicator Light - When you turn the ignition on in FF Mode, this light will flicker a few times and goes off automatically a few seconds later. Then when you press the 4WD Auto Mode Switch, this light will flicker a few times and stays on once transition from FF Mode to 4WD Auto Mode is complete. When you turn the ignition on in 4WD Auto Mode, the light will stay on. Then when you press the 4WD Auto Mode Switch, FF Mode will turn on and the 4WD Auto Mode Indicator Light will go off.
  15. Uhuru

    Uhuru Forum User

    My 4wd light indicator will not go off...
    I'm I having a problem?
  16. Scarbs

    Scarbs Forum User

    Get it on a rolling road to check.
  17. Uhuru

    Uhuru Forum User

    Thanks for your response.

    I have done that and car feels smooth, picks on speed very well and smooth. Only problem is no matter how or when I press the auto mode switch.... 4wd icon won't go off. Basically the car is running on 4wd mode full time...
  18. Scarbs

    Scarbs Forum User

    This is a rolling road:
  19. DRFVDR

    DRFVDR Forum User

    Which is how it should always be run anyway so no problem :)
  20. Uhuru

    Uhuru Forum User

    Oops, learnt something new... Read your text as roll road rather than rolling road. That I'd need one of the big automobile garages, thanks for the info Scarbs.
  21. Jitterbug

    Jitterbug Forum User

    You need to find one with 4WD capability too - otherwise you will find your car's 4WD works via either breaking it or the vehicle leaping off the 2WD rolling road...
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