Newbies Looking for Help!

Hello and welcome to the Toyota Estima Owners Club (T.E.O.C)

Below are a list of regularly asked question which have been asked by new users to the forum.  As you can see they have been linked into one thread so hopefully you won`t have to look too far to find what you are looking for.

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Tips & Tutorials

One of the main reasons that people come to our website is when they are looking to resolve a problem or issue with their Toyota Estima.  Thankfully over the years many of our Club Members have created ‘how-to’ guides on many aspects of repairing and/or maintaining these vehicles.  Some are freely accessible, while many others are contained within the Club Members only areas of the forum.  In addition we have several video tutorials that are highly informative, detailed and have saved countless people much money by being able to do these themselves.  Below is a selection of tutorials and videos available through this website.

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Remove Front Door Panel

There are many occassions when you need to remove the door panels on your Toyota Estima.  These could be to change the speaker for an uprated unit; repair or replace a faulty door lock; check intermitant door solenoid; repair electric window etc.  This tutorial will be of use if you have to gain access to the radio speaker or indeed any other piece of equipment in the front door panel area. The description and pictures are based on a 1995 ‘N’ reg Estima.

There maybe variations on your bus. It is suggested that you fully wind down the window before commencing (see below – picture 6).

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3CTE Head Removal

One of the many requested items via the forum is how to remove the cylinder head on the 3CTE engined Toyota Estima.  So much so the club created a Club Members only video detailing the stip down and rebuild of the cylinder head.  Forum user and Club Member Byron Middleton documented his recent cylinder head removal and made it available for free download via the Club Site.

You can read all about it on the forum HERE

Alternatively download in PDF format – How to remove the head from a 3CTE Estima.pdf

Fuse Box Locations

Many modern cars will have more than one fuse box located within the vehicle.  This can sometimes make it difficult to locate not only the fuse you need to check, but also the panel in which it is installed.  To help with locating the 4 fuse boxes on the newer 2000 + Estimas’ this short posts describes their location, with accompanying pictures.

There are 4 fuse boxes in a 2000 + Estima

one in the passenger footwell behind the glove box……….



One in the drivers footwell behind the lower trim……


2 under the bonnet….. one above the engine


one beside the battery


Radiator Change – Estima 1995

How to remove the radiator from early model Estimas’ is a question commonly asked on the forum. Although not a hard project to undertake many people feel unsure as to whether or not they want to tackle this. So today we have added this post, with pictures, detailing the removal of an early Estima radiator. In this example the vehicle is a 1995 model with Automatic gearbox fitted.  When you look under the bonnet you should see the large plastic air scoop which is used to draw external air into the heating/cooling system.

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